How thankful I am

It’s been only 6 months Mike has been working with my son who has was diagnosed with autism at 3 years of age, but it’s beyond words how thankful I am. Mike has been my son’s homeopath since April, 2017 and since that time great changes have happened in our life.

– Diagnosed with autism he was struggling almost with every part of his life.

– He was completely nonverbal;

– Suffer from nightmares and was waking up 4-6 times during night every night screaming and crying, and had difficulties to settle back; was able to sleep only next to me.

– Struggled with social communication, he was not interested to interact with other kids, and was very on his own, and communicated only with familiar adults;

– We struggled to leave our home. My son couldn’t tolerate being outside – city noise, cars, busy road and crowds was just too much, he face multiple meltdowns during the day and we must follow very strict routines and day plans, as any slightest change can just throw him out of balance.

– Lack of eye contact;

– Sensory issues;

– Fear being left or be away from mom, it was heartbreaking for me as mom to leave him when I have to go to work, as he just refuse to ate and sleep without me, and was extremely restless, cry a lot, anxious, and settled only when I came back.

– Lived like in a cocoon, loved to hide, wrap himself in blanket, or sit under the table, to be alone and play only on his own;

– No response to emotions, did not know how to act, how to respond.

– I was almost sure that my child is deaf or hard of hearing – he was ignorant, and did not respond to his name, he never sing along, never spoke, did not respond to sudden noises, etc.

– Did not like to be touched or cuddled – only in his terms, when he wants to and when he is in good mood.

– Being out from our home, for us mean meltdowns and anger outbursts, frustration, he was not able to cope with unfamiliar situations and inability to express himself.

As a homeopath, I found Mike very approachable and friendly, I feel that he was interested in our situation and to find best possible solution for my child problems. And also I feel that it’s very easy to speak with Mike about such delicate problems. He always listen me through and explain me why he choose particular remedies for my son.

Now, after 6 months in our life is so much difference. The changes are amazing.

– He has not suffered from nightmares ever since in his first appointment given remedy and sleep well through the night, wakes up happy and relaxed.

– Mike help him overcome his fears of sleeping on his own in his bedroom and sleep without mom, he is now much more flexible and able to cope with changes in day plans and enjoys trying new things and activities!

– He become significantly more sociable and interacts with adults and his peers and loves it, it’s no more ”one way” communication but he loves to be involved in activities and will communicate his needs using Makaton, PECS and now start to use some words and actively engage. He is interested in world around him.

– I first heard my son singing. I heard my son’s voice.

– He is able to manage his negative emotions without anger outbursts and gets well in moments where he still faces frustration, such as inability to fully express himself. But instead of giving up and throwing a tantrum, he tries! He looks in eyes and try’s to communicate in the way he can. He much more opened up.

-He turn into sweet, emphatic and affectionate little boy who is completely aware of world around him, who had his interests and character. He stopped to hide, stopped to cover himself with blankets and stopped avoiding physical contact.

– He seems like ”awaken” from time he missed;

– We are finally is able to leave or home. Almost no meltdowns. He loves being outside, and is excited about trips and outings and very positive about having new experiences.

Mike works on each problem step by step and since we start, we seen amazing results and I’m sure that we will achieve even more great results by continuing CEASE therapy in his practice.

When I first contacted Mike, I was completely desperate about problems we face. Nobody really didn’t believe that it can bring any changes in our lives, I been told that it’s just waste of our time, but we are proof that it is possible and it works. I’m very proud that I as a mom was strong enough to stand for it, I’m over the moon happy that we try and it bring such great results – nothing is better than to see how happy is your child.

I would like to encourage others parents to try homeopathy. And I definitely recommend Mike as Autism specialist.

L.L. Wolverhampton October 2017

The hardest was his behaviour problems

‘Our boy who is 4 been diagnosed with ASD over a year ago. That was a very confusing time for all our family. We didn’t know what to do and how we can help him. But we needed help not just for him but for all of us. The hardest was his behaviour problems. He was beating us and kids in nursery, he was biting, almost not talking and being hyperactive I could see he can’t deal with his emotions. He had lots of meltdowns during the day.
Was going through internet day by day, I read about homeopathy and I knew I want to try it.
I came across Mike Andrews, wrote an email and got the answer straight away. And we met in a few weeks in the end of 2016.
And this was a life changing moment for all of us!
Started the remedy Tuberculinium. And the changes were amazing. After 3 weeks taking remedy my boy stopped biting us, beating stopped at home and in nursery. After seeing that I knew that homeopathy is the right way for us.
It’s been 6 months working with Mike and it’s been great and life changing for all our family.
In just 6 months-
– the aggression is gone
– He eats much better
– the speech proved from using single words to making sentences and answering some questions
– he is no longer hyperactive
– almost no meltdowns
There’s always something what we can improve and I know that together with homeopathy we can achieve more and more.
Mike is been amazing through all this time I could not ask for more.’
Mrs. G-T London July 2107

Mike loves to help

Mike started treating our severely autistic 8 year old son several months ago. We are not just satisfied with the results, but we had the pleasure to meet an amazing person with exceptional attention to detail, caring and understanding who loves what he’s doing and truly want to help you and your child. We would highly recommend him to any parent of an autistic child and others.

Tally & Richard Rosenfeld (Bournemouth) August 2016

Identical twins with ASD and severe learning difficulties

Having identical twins with ASD and severe learning difficulties, I was always on the lookout for different therapies that were effective, didn’t cost the earth and most importantly, were safe. After doing a fair bit of Internet research I was delighted to come across a homeopath in the Shropshire area that specialised in autism. Although I was initially a bit skeptical about homeopathy I thought nothing ventured nothing gained and so we set off to Clungunford for our first appointment. At first my son refused to get out of the car and so the first half of our appointment was conducted in the car! Thankfully this didn’t phase Mike- he has a great deal of empathy coupled with a very calming manner and soon my son felt comfortable enough to go into the consultation room.

The changes that I have seen since starting homeopathy with both boys have been pretty impressive. Comments from teachers at school have also been very encouraging- more language, a greater awareness, more focus. We’ve only been doing homeopathy for 6 months and so I feel our journey is just beginning but I am so excited about the future. I had been contemplating using medication for one of my sons as his behaviour was becoming a danger to himself and those around him. I now feel confident that with homeopathy I will be able to avoid that and the sometimes serious side effects that go hand in hand with medication.

Ms Brown Telford August 2016

Post viral symptoms

I first consulted Mike when I had been suffering with some nasty post viral symptoms, including fatigue, dizziness and muscle aches. His calm, relaxed manner immediately put me at ease and I found it really easy to talk about my problems. After taking the remedy, I noticed a huge improvement almost immediately and not just with my physical symptoms, I was sleeping better and feeling a general sense of well-being. I have recently consulted Mike about a different problem and again have experienced a dramatic, immediate improvement in my symptoms!
I would recommend homeopathy to anyone as it seems to treat the person as a whole, and get to the cause of symptoms not just mask them as some conventional medicines do.

Mrs Fiona Doyle, age 38

Very knowledgeable person

‘I recently became a patient of Mike due and, in a short period of time, his medication has helped to significantly improve my health and well-being. I consider Mike to be a very professional person and a great homeopath. Mike comes across to me as a very supportive person, a greater listener and a very knowledgeable person.’

Maria Fraga European pricing analyst at Hiscox, June 2016

An allergic reaction to catscat

‘Last year I discovered an allergic reaction to cats, which caused me severe asthmatic reactions when I visited my parents. I was unable to control this with antihistamines, and as I looked for other options to help with the symptoms, I was introduced to Mike. Over the last 7 months I have had a series of consultations with him over Skype. While I was initially uncertain about approaching a homeopath for the first time, my experience has been excellent. Mike put me at ease from our very first conversation and he has listened intently and compassionately during our consultations. He suggested a bespoke set of remedies to my situation and constitution, which he has revised iteratively as per my experiences. I have since revisited my parents a number of times with almost no return of the initial symptoms.’

 Mr I Mossman, Cardiff June 2016 

Exasperating allergy

‘After suffering with quite an exasperating allergy for eighteen months, which was affecting all aspects of my life, and having had no constructive help from the conventional medical professionals, I decided to seek help elsewhere.  I have been aware of Homeopathy for many years, but have never had the need to consult a practitioner before.

I have to be honest, and say, that the cost of the sessions did put me off for a good 6 – 8 months, BUT, there is a reason why I mention this, and that is because now, I am 98% cured, and, because of this, life is so much more enjoyable, and, I feel so well.  I sincerely wish I had NOT wasted that time.  I could have felt better a lot sooner. It is well worth spending the money, don’t suffer anymore.

The consultations takes place in relaxed atmosphere, Mike is very easy to talk to, and puts you at your ease very quickly.  The first consultation is quite in depth as Mike has to find out a lot about you and the history of your health in a relatively short time.

The remedies are very, very small tasteless pills, easy to take, no complicated instructions.  The remedy for me, started to work within a few days, but I understand that it is different for everyone.  Sometimes it takes longer. Mike is on the end of a phone or in contact by email if any advice or help is needed.  I would definitely recommend homeopathy to other friends and family.’

Mrs D, Shropshire January 2016

Works for me

‘ I took the prescribed remedy and it had an almost immediate effect both physically and mentally. My family, who have seen me suffer year after year, were really impressed, and so was I. From being sceptical there is no doubt in my mind that homoeopathy really works for me. In fact it has helped me greatly and I now feel so much more in control of my health.’ Hairdresser

Rock bottom

‘My first experience of homoeopathy was when I was at rock-bottom health-wise. As one of those last resort patients, I was determined that my case was hopeless and not inclined to regard these little white pills with even the least enthusiasm. However I was astonished to find that, despite my non-belief, I began to respond to what seemed to be something genuinely therapeutic to my whole system. Homoeopathy should never have been marginalised as a way to health – because it works. It’s as simple as that. ‘ Psycotherapist

Worth a try

‘ I am not someone who usually takes any interest in alternative therapies. I suspected that the effect must be mostly placebo, but given that it had clearly worked for my colleague and my sister-in-law, felt it might be worth a try. I now wish I had sought homoeopathic treatment sooner. I would recommend it unhesitatingly to anyone who, like me is dubious about anything that sounds alternative…’ Marketing Consultant

I was impressed, surprised, understood

‘I was impressed with Mike’s concern for my emotional as well as physical well-being.’ Mrs. Jackie Simons Daily Mail July 1998

‘I was surprised at first by the kind of questions that Mike asked me, no practitioner had ever asked me such questions before. In fact by the end of the one and a half hour consultation Mike knew more about my medical history and family history, my current thoughts and feelings and my future concerns than my closest friend. He certainly understood a great deal more about me as a person than the GP that I had been consulting for over ten years. I was very impressed by this and confident that whatever was prescribed was based on a range of information which was not confined solely to symptoms or to the usual hurried few minutes in the doctor’s surgery.’ Mrs J Knight, London

‘I have found that subsequent consultations are always based on a previously learned knowledge about me and my medical condition. In this way, past symptoms and conditions are talked about in relation to the current reason for consultation. This I find to be a consistency sadly lacking elsewhere.’ Mrs J Knight, London

‘A human response/communication skills and the offering of a supportive role – gaining trust so feeling confident in the remedy offered. Also feeling the practitioner is interested in / motivated by the person and the condition. All of which you do.’ Mr.A.McCormick, London

‘I’d like to be able to speak to you or see you at the drop of a hat (mine) especially when things get really busy and stressful for me, which has usually been possible!’ Ms.M.Lawson, East Sussex

Via Skype

‘I am fortunate to have Mike Andrews as a homeopath. He is an amazing listener. Of the many positive things I can mention especially Mike’s empathic behaviour and availability in acute situations are worth accentuating. I feel very safe and looked after in Mike’s care even though I live in Denmark and mainly “meet” him on Skype and over the telephone. I do not hesitate to recommend Mike to anyone who is in need of homeopathic treatment.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert’ Malene Vestergaard February 2010


About testimonials

The above statements from patients do not represent evidence that homeopathy works, but are the personal opinion of people whom homeopathy has helped. I am not allowed by the Advertising Standards Authority to imply that homeopathic treatment can help any specific medical conditions. I would like to make it clear that these statements are not meant to imply that a particular homeopathic remedy can cure a specific medical condition. This is not how I believe that homeopathy works. You may however note from these unedited comments that people who have been diagnosed with a wide range of medical conditions have reported that they have experienced an apparent benefit from homeopathy.


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