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Why I became a homeopath

Aged ten I had three major abdominal operations and pneumonia with two weeks in intensive care and further 11 weeks in hospital. Although conventional medicine saved my life I was left with emotional and physical scars; I know how important it is to be listened to. In my early twenties I started to self study herbalism and healing, but it was homeopathy that really helped me on a completely different level with my persistent symptoms.
In the mid 80’s I met many homeopaths and found out more about homeopathic philosophy and materia medica, this led to me enrolling with Misha Norland’s School of Homeopathy from which I graduated in 1990.
I have continued to experience the benefits of homeopathy in my own life as I developed severe asthma in my 30’s which made daily life a struggle. Improving my health took a lot of work, but I am now able to manage any flare up of symptoms with homeopathy and able to go on 30 mile hikes, at one time I could not walk to the Post Office without getting wheezy.
These experiences have helped me to be someone who cares about you and your health. To offer you hope and reassurance based on my own healing journey and the results that I have seen in my clinic over the last 26 years.

MikeMike Andrews CV

Mike Andrews DSH RSHom has been in full time homeopathic practice since 1990.He has taught at many UK homeopathic colleges: London College of Classical Homeopathy, Purton House School of Homeopathy and on the BSc (Hons) Health Sciences: Homeopathy module at the University of Westminster. Mike has had articles published in The Homeopath, Smilia and on Hpathy and written an eBook on Hayfever for homeopaths and Homeopathy and Autism Spectrum Disorder: a Guide for Professionals and Parents (Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2014).
He practices in London and Shropshire and internationally via Skype. He has been a director of the UK Society of Homeopaths since 2010.
Mike has given seminar presentations on Autism and Homeopathy for the UK Society of Homeopaths (September 2015), The Institute of Homeopaths Kerala North Paravur Unit (February 2016), the Irish Society of Homeopaths (March 2016).
He has also presented to autism parent groups and the general public in London including the famous NutriCentre and in Shropshire and is able to adapt his presentation to the needs of the audience – parents, health care professionals and homeopaths.

Forthcoming seminar presentations:

February 2107 lecture for Sadgamaya Adolescent Health Care Program Department of Homoeopathy, Government of Kerala India
May 2117 lecture for Salisbury College of Homeopathy UK


2010 November – present elected  Director Society of Homeopaths UK

2011- May 2016 Chair of Professional Standards Committee Society of Homeopaths UK

2001- 2009 Clinical Tutor and Lecturer on BSc (Hons) Health Sciences: Homeopathy module

2001 – 2009 Society of Homeopaths, RSHom registration project supervisor.

2009  Get Well UK Bringing Complementary Therapies into schools and colleges

1999- 2001 London College of Classical Homeopathy (LCCH) Clinical Supervisor

1995-2000 Purton House Homeopathic Centre Clinical Lecturer/Clinical Supervisor

1995-98 LCCH clinician, supervisor, materia medica / philosophy lecturer, Year Tutor, Licentiate Part-time Course Leader.

1995-1997 Founder Friends of Homeopathy Low Cost Homeopathy Asthma Clinic

Profesional Presentations in addition to college teaching

2106 March Irish Society of Homeopaths teaching Homeopathy and Autism Spectrum Disorder

2016 February Presentation to Keralan Homeopaths India Homeopathy and Autism Spectrum Disorder

2015 September Society of Homeopaths Annual Conference Exploring the Spectrum Presentation ASD & Homeopathy: a worldwide perspective from homeopaths to homeopaths

2006 March Treating Ashma Succesfully with Homeopathy School of Homeopathy Celebrating 25 years

1999 July Homeopathy and Asthma Presentation School of Homeopathy Alumini

1996 Homeopathy and Asthma Presentation Friends of Homeopathy

Professional Qualifications / Membership 

2015 October CEASE Training and exam with Kim Kalina

1997 Principles and Practice of Dynamic Clinical Supervision for Homeopaths Module 1 – Shelia Ryan, and subsequent annual refresher days.

1994 – present RSHom, Registered Homoeopath, Society of Homeopaths

1987 -1990             Diploma School of Homoeopathy



Andrews, M. (2014) Homeopathy and Autism Spectrum Disorder: a guide for Practitioners & Families Singing Dragon London and Philidelphia

Published papers  

Andrews, M. (2015) Autism Spectrum and Homeopathy: an exploration of approaches The Homeopath 34:2 p27

Andrews, M. (2013) Bald headed eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) case Similia Vol 25 No 1 p40

Andrews, M. (2012) The Proving of Cynomorium coccineum The Homeopath 31:3  p7

Andrews, M. (2009) Ambra grisea – a forgotten remedy Similia Vol 21 No 2 p29

Andrews, M. (2007) Supervision issues put under the spotlight Society of Homeopaths Newsletter 

Andrews, M. (2007) Lac delphinium: “Diving is safe; it gives me comfort” The Homeopath 24:3 p85

Andrews, M. (1994) The Periodic Table, Central Mind Symptoms, Chemical Properties and Uses The Homeopath 54:2 p43

On-line publications 

November 2015 http://hpathy.com/materia-medica/proving-cynomorium-coccineum-hidden-treasure-wanted-known-created/

August 2015 http://hpathy.com/clinical-cases/ambra-grisea-a-forgotten-remedy/

Andrews M. (2007 -09) Mike’s Homeopathic Casebook: case studies and reflective exercises (Haliae-lc, Cocculus, Arizona lava, Natrum phos, Blood pressure cases, Children’s cases, Buteo j, Ambra grisea) available from www.mikeandrewshomeopathy.co.uk

Andrews M. (2007) Using Homeopathy to treat yourself and your family seven week online course available from www.mikeandrewshomeopathy.co.uk

Andrews M. (2007) How to treat hay fever successfully with homeopathy eBook available from www.mikeandrewshomeopathy.co.uk

Andrews M. (2004) Supervision audit: Use of Heron’s Interventions in Supervision Practice available from www.mikeandrewshomeopathy.co.uk.

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